Launch with confidence that your product can be manufactured on time and at cost.

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Dragon certified answers three critical questions before you launch your product

Perfect for: Electronics with near-final prototype preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign

  1. Can your design be manufactured? Using your CAD package or a prototype we conduct a Design For Manufacturing and Assembly review to identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve manufacturability.
  2. How much will it cost to build? We create a detailed cost estimate that considers the BOM and all manufacturing costs like scrap, labor, taxes, shipping, etc. With solid understanding of your COGS you can set the right funding thresholds to cover manufacturing in China or domestically.
  3. How long will it take to deliver? We develop a pro-forma manufacturing schedule that will help you set realistic delivery expectations for your customers.

Dragon certified: our 6 factor review

  • DFM Analysis We perform a Design for Manufacture and Assembly analysis in which we inspect and analyze the product desig to ensure that the product can be manufactured reliably and at low cost.
  • BOM review We examine the Bill of Materials, an itemized list of all the product components, for completeness and cost efficiency.
  • Mechanical Tear Down We disassemble, inspect, and analyze the structure and assembly for function, cost, quality, and reliability.
  • Packaging considerations We determine suitability and cost of chosen packaging design and make recommendations to optimize it.
  • Estimated domestic and far east manufacturing costs We develop cost estimates for domestic and Far East factory options.
  • Pro-forma manufacturing schedule We produce a preliminary manufacturing schedule based on our review to help provide a realistic estimated ship date.

What you’ll get

A detailed report

Cost and schedule estimates to help you plan.

Feedback from a Dragon engineer

Insight on potential manufacturing issues.


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